Finding Home

Finding Home is the story of Brigitte Moore, born February 10, 1937 in what was Nazi Germany, to parents who did not fall under the spell of Hitler. For this they paid dearly. As Germany revved up for war, their comfortable middle class life was destroyed and they found themselves among the countries countless displaced. It is the story of the young refugee’s relentless struggle to find her place in that insane world…her search for home. It is the story of how, undaunted by one set back after another, Brigitte finally does find her home—shortly after her 21st birthday, half a world away from Germany and her family, all by herself—in the United States.

Finding_Home_Cover_for_KindleAvailable on Amazon and CreateSpace.


17 Responses to Finding Home

  1. Arlene Zachmann says:

    I am anxious to read your book, Brigitte. I just ordered it from Amazon. Congratulations!!
    Love, Arlene

  2. Jeff Stettin says:

    A side of Hitler’s horrific reign that has received little if any attention and that few people think about…Thank you for writing and publishing this book, Brigitte.

  3. I’m ordering from Amazon tonight, Brigitte. Ever since your reading to us in Avid Readers, some years back now, I’ve wanted more. BTW…love the book cover…you’ve always been a cutie!!

  4. Congratulations!!! I remembering you sharing stories about this book writing adventure and excited to see your book is complete. I have noted the calendar for the book signing at Wings!

  5. Karen Pegouske says:

    I just ordered my copy on Amazon. I can’t wait to start reading your story. What a wonderful accomplishment for you.

  6. Vicki Caron says:

    Congratulations! I bought your book today, can’t wait to read it 🙂 Much love from the Smile Design Crew xoxoxo

  7. Marcia Holtzclaw says:

    “Finding Home” is such a good book that I almost read it in one sitting! It is a beautifully written, inspiring and exciting memoir. I highly recommend this fantastic book!

  8. Morris J. Holtzclaw says:

    My wife, Marcia, is a friend of yours in Tai Chi and she brought a copy of your book home. I greatly enjoyed reading it. My wife, family and I spent 6 years in Germany while I was in the USAir Force. We spent 3 years in West Berlin when it was a walled city. The contrast between East and West Berlin was so striking. Reading of your early years during the War under Hitler and later in Communist controlled East Germany is a stark reminder to us all of how precious, yet how fragile freedom is. During our years there we came to greatly respect the warmth, strength and resilience of the German people. We see this demonstrated brilliantly in your family’s story and even mor markedly in your determination to come to the United States. Your courage in the face of repeated setbacks is an example for us all. I salute you for “seeing your dream through to the end” and then sharing your remarkable story with us all. Morris J. Holtzclaw, Chaplain Colonel, USAF (Ret).

  9. Angela says:

    I was so impressed when reading your memoir Brigitte. Your details surrounding the events in your life are remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and it left me wanting more. I wish you the best. With much love,

  10. Bobbie Mosher says:

    A well written, moving story of Brigitte’s life as WWII was coming to an end. It is an inspiring story of obtaining one’s goal in life. I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in two days. I value your friendship these past years. Happy Birthday today. Feb 10th….Love, Bobbie

  11. Joan Kindy says:

    Brigitte is a talented writer who is sharing her joys and sorrows with us, her readers. She is able to help us enter into the world of her early life and show us how she dealt with disappointment, which she turned into hope, anger, which she turned into opportunity, dependence, which she turned into independence. We learned about her love of family and her admiration of them as they struggled with poverty, loss, separation and demonstrated courage in every situation. I look forward to volume two.

  12. Keith says:

    If you want to know what defines America as a nation Brigitte Moore is one of those definitions.
    Her well written story of what her and her courageous family endured during humanities darkest chapter in history. Her journey from war torn Germany to America is an inspiration to us all. Out standing job Brigitte, Tina and I both read it. We love you.
    Love, Keith

  13. Jo Ann Miller says:

    This book is a beautifully written narrative transcending the reader into the world of a war torn Germany with words so descriptive that one becomes a silent shadow in the life of this extraordinary girl. A story embracing the struggles and triumphs surrounding the life of one girl and her family that will linger in ones thoughts long after the book is finished. 

    Brigitte Moore is an accomplished writer and a amazing woman. I am honored to know her personally.

  14. Carol Jean Vosburgh says:

    Thank you Brigitte Moore for candidly sharing your emotional journey from Germany to America. Your book enlightened me to the fears, risks and struggles so many refugees experienced. I feel much admiration and compassion for all those involved during those horrific years. What a blessings for those, like you who survived. I will continue to recommend your book. Thank you for writing it.

  15. Nancy Terry says:

    A very moving, (both literally and emotionally) page turner of a story. A tribute to the author as she shares her early life story with an underlying spirit of optimism, even in the face of extreme danger and adversity. I was touched by her many vignettes of how special and precious even the smallest things were in her young world racked with wartime and post-war suffering.

  16. Ginny McKenna says:

    I was so impressed with the amount of detail to your memory. This was a very compelling story. It’s remarkable how flexible we are in times of prolonged deprivation. What is so interesting is that it is a story not from the perspective of the Jews or the Nazis but from a German. Hitler pulled the rug out from under everybody. Your story is so beautifully written. Your remarkable recall is thru the eyes of the young person you were at the time and not thru the eyes of someone 60-65 years later. I didn’t want your book to end. A true treasure! I’m so glad you wrote it so I could enjoy it.

  17. Ronald Weber says:

    Saw you wrote your bio.’till 21 on your FB. . I read excerpts on Amazon. Already I know more of your background than I did when we were friends in Port.You were always a mystery to me. I knew you had tough times during the war. That was all I knew.I’m buying the book…glad you wrote it.How do I get in touch by e.mail?
    Ron(Ah….you already guessed).

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